03 January 2014

diy mason jar

What you'll need:
  • Painters Tape
  • Mason jar (from Goodwill)
  • 3 Battery powered candles (Family Dollar)
  • Gold spray paint (Home Depot)
  • Pen or something to mark glass with

What to do:
  1. Use tape to create a striped design as you wish. A pen will you mark/distance the tape properly.
  2. Spray paint the mason jar with 1-3 coats. Follow directions as stated on the spray paint can.
  3. Wait to dry.
  4. Take off tape. 
  5. Put candles inside. 


***Very cute decoration, especially if you like night lights or shit like that. However, I put all this effort in this project only to realize I have no use for this. So I am using it as one of those memory jars for 2014. I saw it on Pinterest and obviously I am about that DIY life, so I am obligated to follow any cute idea that is presented to me via that website.

Oh, and happy new year! I will have a looooooooooong post about my big new years resolution (thats oh so not original)

30 December 2013

ice skating

Cardigan- H&M; Crop top, Disco pants- American Apparel; Shoes- Urban Outfitters; Purse- Goodwill

Went ice skating with some friends last Monday. 'Twas fun and unexpected (hence the heels). 

17 August 2013

kick ass

necklace, shirt, shorts, purse- Goodwill; shoes- Asos

I saw Kick Ass 2 tonight. It was pretty damn awesome. Funny (with the exception of one rape joke) and action packed. I reaaaallllly enjoyed the first movie, so I was stoked when I heard they were coming out with a sequel. I told myself that I was going to read the comic book series before the first movie. I still haven't done so. But I will get around  it...eventually.

Also, I am moving into my new dorm in two days. Yay! I am so excited to have a kitchen and cook my own food while I'm at school. Dining hall food was depressing. Maybe I will show a few recipes here? I am no chef by any means, but I can cook up a few things (vegetarian dishes only, of course).

06 August 2013

white blouse, white house

button down- Goodwill; shorts- Goodwill; shoes- Forever21; necklace- Goodwill; watch- Nasty Gal; sunglasses- ZeroUV

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. I didn't want to initially post them because they were taken on an iPhone. I haven't posted in about a month, so these will have to do. Fun fact: the house behind me was the first private mental health facility in Georgia. But now, the house and the land surrounding it have been converted into a park.

12 July 2013

food truck tuesday

shirt- thrifted; jeans- american apparel; shoes- nine west; necklace- thrifted

Even though its unbearably hot, I love summer. Mostly because I get to do hood rat stuff with my friends. Not really. But I do get to do fun stuff like go to this event called Food Truck Tuesdays in my area. Local food trucks come to a park. People go there. They get to enjoy (relatively) good food and music. This was my first time eating at a food truck, and I loved it! Even though my tofu burrito left a little to be desired, I enjoyed my time with friends... and those sesame fries. I will definitely be going again. In fact, I will be going to the Atlanta Street Food Festival tomorrow! I'm definitely excited as this food truck event will not only be in Atlanta (and super close to my school) but also bigger! More people, more food trucks, and more live artists. Yay!

28 June 2013

treat me like fire

 crop top- Asos; necklace- Goodwill; pleated midi skirt- Goodwill; shoes- Forever 21; bag- Chinese Laundry

So I decided to start over with my blog. I deleted all my old  posts and revamped the layout. It has literally almost been a year since my last post, and I thought that I should start over. The real reason might be that I looked at all my old posts and was reminded how awkward I use to be (I started this blog in my freshman year of high school, which was almost five years ago, so one could imagine that there were a few awkward stages and fashion choices back then). Anyways, here is my first outfit post on my newly revamped blog. It features the items that I basically wear different versions of in the summer, which are: crop tops, midi skirts, and retro looking sunglasses. Expect to see something like this again pretty much.

These photos were taken in the Old Fourth Ward park in Atlanta. Let me just say this place is amazing! The park has a modern style and the construction going on around it tells me that there is more to come. If you're ever in that area, you should definitely stop by.