12 July 2013

food truck tuesday

shirt- thrifted; jeans- american apparel; shoes- nine west; necklace- thrifted

Even though its unbearably hot, I love summer. Mostly because I get to do hood rat stuff with my friends. Not really. But I do get to do fun stuff like go to this event called Food Truck Tuesdays in my area. Local food trucks come to a park. People go there. They get to enjoy (relatively) good food and music. This was my first time eating at a food truck, and I loved it! Even though my tofu burrito left a little to be desired, I enjoyed my time with friends... and those sesame fries. I will definitely be going again. In fact, I will be going to the Atlanta Street Food Festival tomorrow! I'm definitely excited as this food truck event will not only be in Atlanta (and super close to my school) but also bigger! More people, more food trucks, and more live artists. Yay!

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