03 January 2014

diy mason jar

What you'll need:
  • Painters Tape
  • Mason jar (from Goodwill)
  • 3 Battery powered candles (Family Dollar)
  • Gold spray paint (Home Depot)
  • Pen or something to mark glass with

What to do:
  1. Use tape to create a striped design as you wish. A pen will you mark/distance the tape properly.
  2. Spray paint the mason jar with 1-3 coats. Follow directions as stated on the spray paint can.
  3. Wait to dry.
  4. Take off tape. 
  5. Put candles inside. 


***Very cute decoration, especially if you like night lights or shit like that. However, I put all this effort in this project only to realize I have no use for this. So I am using it as one of those memory jars for 2014. I saw it on Pinterest and obviously I am about that DIY life, so I am obligated to follow any cute idea that is presented to me via that website.

Oh, and happy new year! I will have a looooooooooong post about my big new years resolution (thats oh so not original)

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