17 August 2013

kick ass

necklace, shirt, shorts, purse- Goodwill; shoes- Asos

I saw Kick Ass 2 tonight. It was pretty damn awesome. Funny (with the exception of one rape joke) and action packed. I reaaaallllly enjoyed the first movie, so I was stoked when I heard they were coming out with a sequel. I told myself that I was going to read the comic book series before the first movie. I still haven't done so. But I will get around  it...eventually.

Also, I am moving into my new dorm in two days. Yay! I am so excited to have a kitchen and cook my own food while I'm at school. Dining hall food was depressing. Maybe I will show a few recipes here? I am no chef by any means, but I can cook up a few things (vegetarian dishes only, of course).

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